Top 5 Best Dog Ramps for Trucks in 2023

best dog ramps for trucks

First, let us congratulate you on being a responsible pet owner. Since you are reading our article on 6 top dog ramps for trucks, you seem to know that these are very important and offer immense protection for you pal during its process of entering and exiting the car.

Unless your dog is very large and still in shape and you own a low truck, then you might be able to get by without a ramp, however, if you own a smaller breed or a van, SUV, or a pickup, or a combination of both, then you really need one of the 5 top dog ramps for cars presented herein. Let’s take a closer look at each of the 5 top dog ramps for cars. The order in which the dog ramps are presented is random, and each of these can be your winner best on your personal preferences.

Top 5 Best Dog Ramps for Trucks

1. PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp

PetSafe Happy Ride folding dog ramp is a high-quality folding ramp. As we can expect from PetSafe, this ramp is very durable and tough. PetSafe Happy Ride Folding Dog Ramp can hold even large breeds, as it’s suitable for dogs that have up to 150 pounds.

When unfolded, PetSafe Happy Ride dog ramp measures 62 inches in length, which makes it suitable for most standard SUVs and vans. It is 16 inches wide, has a surface covered with high traction layer, and it comes with side rails, which is all more than enough to enable your furry buddy a safe stroll into the car.

When folded, PetSafe Happy Ride Folding dog ramp measures only 31 inches, as it folds in half, and is 8 inches thick, so it can be stored in the truck without taking up much space.

The ramp is easy to handle as it weighs only 10 pounds. It also comes with a safety latch that locks it in place for added convenience.



2. PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp

PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp is another of our 6 top picks. This folding pet ramp is suitable for dogs of all sizes as it can hold up to 500 pounds. It has a non-slip rubberized walking surface, which enables your furry friend to walk safely into the car under any weather conditions.

PetSTEP Original Folding pet ramp is 70 inches long, 17 inches wide, and only 2.5 inches thick, which makes it one of the slimmest dog ramps.

It folds in half and has built-in handles on both sides for easy manipulation. It weighs 18.5 pounds, which doesn’t make it one of the lightest, however still easy to handle even by teenagers.

Its edge is equipped with a universal non-slip addition to safely connect it to any vehicle. As such it stays firmly in place while in use.



3. Goplus Pet Ramp Portable

Goplus Pet Ramp Portable is available in three different lengths and they all have a capacity of 250 pounds:

  • 8 feet long: 18.5 lbs
  • 7 feet long: 16.5 lbs
  • 6 feet long: 14.5 lbs

All three lengths are 15 inches wide and only 2 inches thick. Since Goplus Pet Ramp Portable is made out of aluminum, even the longest model is not too heavy to manipulate. It is also equipped with a handle for additional ease.

As the Goplus’s name suggests (Portable) it folds in half, which in combination with that fact that is very slim, makes it suitable to be placed at the bottom of the trunk. It is very solid and compact, so you can easily place other objects on top of it.

Walking surface is covered in paw-friendly high traction grip tape to prevent any slip-related accidents. As this ramp has basically no side rails, it is best suitable for experienced dogs that know how to walk on the ramp.



4. Atoz Create Bi-Fold Pet Ramp for Large Dog

Atoz Create Bi-Fold Pet Ramp for Large Dog has one of the best light-weight and load capacity combinations on the market. It is built from strong and high-quality materials so it can carry up to 200 pounds but it weighs only 10 pounds.

Atoz Create Bi-Fold Pet Ramp for Large Dog is equipped with high traction surface, similar to those used on skateboards and truck beds, which ensures your furry pal’s paws stay in place even when the incline might be higher (taller SUVs). It also comes with side rails, which make Atoz Create Bi-Fold Pet Ramp for Large Dog suitable even for puppies.

When in use, it is 62 inches long, 16 inches wide, and 4 inches thick. As the name suggests, Atoz Create Bi-Fold Pet Ramp for Large Dog fold in half. It comes with a lock system that secures the two halves together. It also has high-quality stainless steel bearing which makes it weather-resistant.



5. Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp for Cats/Dogs, Lightweight/Portable

Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp for Cats/Dogs, Lightweight/Portable comes in five different models:
  • Bi-Fold Half Ramp 42″ L, Black/Green and Bi-Fold Half Ramp 42″ L, Tan: 7lbs
  • Bi-Fold Ramp 66″ L: 13 lbs
  • Extra-Wide Tri-Fold Ramp 71″ L x 19.5″ W: 27 lbs
  • Tri-Fold Ramp 71″ L: 15 lbs

Out of the above models, they are all black with green padding/anti-slip surface, except the 42-inch model in tan color.

All models are made of high-quality material and serve different purposes. The 42-inch model is suitable for lower cars of up to 20 inches, while the 66-inch and 71-inch model can be used with large vans, SUVs and even pickups.

42-inch and 66-inch model can hold up to 150 pounds, while 71-ich models hold up to 200 pounds and are all 16 inches wide, accept the extra-wide model.

When it comes to 71-inch models, it is highly practical that they fold in two places, so that they can be much more easily stored in the trunk.

Since Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp doesn’t have side rails, the extra-wide model with an impressive 19.5-inch width seems a very good option for older large breeds. However, this model comes with quite additional weight.

Al five options of Pet Gear Travel Lite Bi-Fold Ramp are equipped with a SupertraX mat that is soft and offers extra protection and prevents slips at the same time.



FAQ and Buying Guide

Choosing among the above 5 top dog ramps for cars each can select a product that will best suit your furry buddy’s need, your car size, and your personal needs and taste as well.

In order to make it even easier for you to choose a perfect dog ramp for a car, we decided to provide you with a simple buying guide that helps you ask the right questions and enable you to end up with the ramp that will serve both you and your pet well.

We are going to create categories, which you must pay attention to when buying a dog ramp for a car.

The questions you should ask yourself are: “What size is my dog?”, “What kind of vehicle do I have?”, “Do I have a puppy or an old dog?”, “What is my fitness state?”, and “How much can I spend?”.

Dog Size and Weight

The size and weight of your dog play a very important role.

You must account for your dog’s chest width to choose wide enough ramp.

Consider your dog’s weight to select the ramp with sufficient load capacity. Here, you should always aim for the maximum load capacity to be about 50 pounds above your dog’s weight.

The Type of Your Vehicle

The type of vehicle also plays an extremely important role, when you are choosing a dog ramp to be used with it. As the rule of thumb, the ramp should never steeper than 30°. This means that you need a longer ramp for higher cars.

Luckily for you, it is rather simple math, as you can simply multiply the height of your vehicle with 2 and you will get the minimum length of the ramp.

Also, consider your vehicle’s storage or trunk size. Make sure to buy a ramp that will easily fit inside your vehicle and won’t be in the way. For larger ramps, slimmer models or models with tri-fold options might be a smart choice.

You should always pay attention that a dog ramp for cars has a non-slip surface. But this is something that almost all models have these days.

Puppies and Old Dogs

If you intend to use a car ramp with a puppy, make sure to get the one that has side rails. The last thing you want is to see your puppy fall down from the ramp, right?

Furthermore, make sure to consider the size of your puppy once it will reach its full size so that the ramp still fits it.

Older dogs are usually not clumsy, as such, side rails may not be a must, though they are still a good extra-safety feature. However, you must make sure to limit the incline angle to a bare minimum for your elderly furry pal.

Your Fitness

Make sure to consider your fitness as well. You want to buy a car ramp for dogs that will enable you to manipulate it easily, without causing you any back pain or other strains. Thus, make sure to consider a ramp’s weight.

For average women and elderly individuals, lighter ramps are a more suitable choice.


Despite the fact, that we choose all 5 top dog ramps for cars in more or less similar price rank, there can be noticeable price differences.

We advise you to prioritize your selection based on previous points and not on the budget, however, do make sure not to spend more than you can spare.

We did our very best to provide you with our 5 top dog ramps for cars, their descriptions, measurements, weight, pros, and cons to make it as simple as possible for you to decide, which one is the best option for you.

In addition, we provided you with a short buying guide that will help you select the right kinds of dog ramp for cars, whether you will choose among our 5 top dog ramps for cars or any other dog ramp.

Remember to keep your furry friend safe.

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