How to select the perfect dog name?

How to select your next dog name?

Whether your dog is male or female, it needs the perfect identity, and that can only come if it has the perfect name. When choosing a dog name, you can always opt for traditional names like Fido, Rover, Buddy, Max, and so forth. The problem with going that route is that when you’re inside a park or other public facility, there will be many dogs there that will have the same name as yours.

Also, while you can change your dog’s name at any time you wish, chances are that you will be reluctant to do so once the name has stuck. Thus, it is best you select a perfect name for your pet from the beginning.

How to select the right dog name – 4 essential tips

1. Choose a name that your dog can easily learn to recognize as his/her own The name you select for your dog should be easy to say and understand. Dogs generally do not have a good command of language, thus it is best you select a short name that has no more than 2 syllables. It is easier for your pet to recognize, recollect and respond to shorter names. If you give your dog a long and complicated name, it will only confuse it and that will make training harder. One syllable name is often the best choice.

2. Choose a name you can call in public Before you give your pet a name, think about how you’ll feel calling that name in public. You do not want to get embarrassed when you call out your pet’s name in a big crowd. Therefore, while it may be okay to name your dog bitch, you might not be comfortable calling her that in a public setting.

3. Do not choose names that sound like commands Names which sound like commands might be confusing to your pet, so it is best you avoid them also. For instance, your dog might confuse sit with Mitch. Also, Joe sounds a lot like No. Your pet might find it extremely difficult to differentiate between words that have similar sounds.

4. Select a name that reflects your personality Your dog’s name says a lot about who you are. Naming your dog after a favorite movie, food, vacation spot, pastime or book provides insight about your personality as well. A helpful tip for choosing the perfect dog name is to wait a couple of days after bringing your dog home. Take some time to observe your pet at home and look out for traits that will give you an idea of what to name him/her.

You can call your dog Mickey if it enjoys chewing on things the way rats do. If it enjoys running around the yard really fast, a good name for him would be Swift. Your friends would certainly enjoy hearing the story of how you selected a name for your dog. Looking for just the perfect name for your canine friend can be exciting and even fun.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that your pet will bear this distinct name throughout its life time, and that you will likely have to be calling this name several times each day.

Thus, when selecting a dog name, be wise about it.

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